DIY Simple Ear Cuffs

Who here wants to wear an earring but didn’t pierce their ears? Here is a great solution! An ear cuff is an earring that just slides into the cartilage (the soft bone thing on the outer edge of ear) of your ear. 🙂 I’m going to tell you how to make a simple ear cuff at home. Since I don’t have a camera right now, I will show you how to make it by drawings.

ear cuff 2

Materials you need: Wire (not too thin), Wire cutters (if you don’t have one, anything that can cut the wire you have will do), Nose pliers (if you don’t have one, you can use your hands, but I warn you: IT WILL HURT A LOT), Ruler, Pen

1. First, cut your wire into about 3 inches.

2. Then, measure it to 1 inch and bend it.

1 inch

3. Again, bend the other long end the same way.

1 inch

4. Curl the ends of both side to the middle so that they make spiral shapes.

1 inch

5. Now, wrap the round sides (not spiral curls) around a pen and curl it so that it makes a ‘U’ shape.

ear cuffear cuff 2

6. Finally, you can slide the ear cuff in your ear so that the round sides wrap your ear, and pinch the round sides so that it tightens on your ear. 🙂

You can even make the spiral shapes into various shapes such as a ribbon. I guarantee that this works because I tried it with my friends. Here’s a tip: thicker wires make prettier ear cuffs. These ear cuffs are a fun way to style your ears without piercing them! Sorry if my drawing is not perfect. 😦 I hope you get how to make it…..and byeeee! ❤


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